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Nearby Attractions

The property is located 100m away from a variety of local taverns, restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacies and supermarkets. In addition, nearby points of cultural interest include museums, churches, monasteries, archaeological and historical sites. The cosmopolitan city of Thessaloniki as well as many other touristic destinations, ie. Museum of Amfipolis, Local Town Museum, Ancient Stagira-Aristotelis birth town, Fillipoi, Allistratis Cave, Ancient City of Vergina, Byzantine Castle of Rentina, Monasteries and Churches, are all located at driving distance between 10km and 80 km away from Litsa Haus.

Thessaloniki International Airport is 80km away from the property. Airport shuttle service can be arranged for the guests upon surcharge.

Old City of Thessaloniki - 80 km
Museum of Amphipolis - 30km
Spilaio Allistratis - 40km
Ancient city of Fillipoi-40km

Ancient Stagira - 30km

Byzantine Castle of Rentina - 20km

Local Churches & Monasteries - 2km

Local Cultural Museum - 1km

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